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C A S A  6 6


Fashion makers selected by CASA 66 are artisans possessing obsessive attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship.


CASA 66 artisans preserve the handcraft and the delicate technique of prewar days and highlight the beauty of noble materials and designs that stimulate emotions and memories. Yet most importantly, our artisans are capable of practically interpreting such styles to meet the needs of urban life and economic values of today’s modern society.


While handcraft, or fatto a mano approach, has long been appreciated, Italy is also well known for its groundbreaking innovation and inspirational simplicity in the field of industrial design. CASA 66 is proud to represent COVO, one of the most well respected and creative interior brands from Rome, with their contemporary furniture line appropriately named "Not Common Things".


CASA 66 also are makers of a signature line of items for closets such as garment cases and hangers which through their design emphasize clarity and love for the products that they distribute.